Saturday, February 03, 2007

Life in Leamington

Again , for this time after working in CM for about 3 months , lucky to be send to uk CM for 3 months training .

When first reaching da place me and my colleague stay , named Leamington Spa , sounds interesting , tot that da CM office will be located in somewhere around da Spa centre , or Spa servis is everywhere . but , its completely different .

The life just getting bored and bored here . From 9 to 5:30 work , then after work , u got nothing else to do . No mamak , no shops except small Tesco . No Wan tan Mee , no restaurant at all , they all closed after 6 . I dont know why they all so malas , malas until like that also can ?

You know what they Rajin for ?
PUBS . Lots of hot babes inside pubs , all malas of work but Rajin of getting partners , dating , drunk , then sex life. IF anyone who likes these kind of life , it is very suitable to life here .

I been to da pub for twice , just getting a few glasses of drink and chit chat wif friends , it was very dramatic , hot babes passing by , happie drinkers in da pub at first , later quarel outside until police came , drunk then dance . Some people buying condoms for da next nite-events .Going from a pub to another pub , everywhere is pub .

Though pub is fun for sometimes , but you not going to pub everynite , so there is still times which u're staying at hotel or home a lot .
You still feel very boring .

COnclusion : Life in Leamington sucks . >_____<

What Happen da past six months

I remember when it just right after convo , I'm so lucky to get into a company named codemasters for work . As a junior artist which modelling assets , objects , texturing , then go back home after work .
Next day , as previous 2 blog , Boring life . Same .

Feeling too boring , then i started to find some game to play before i'm die of boring , so found out there is GUnbound , Kong Kong ,Maple , Dota . Initially it was quite fun wif GUnbound but easy to get bored with da so called pro with mathematic calculator , every shot is god-like shot -____- , sounds cheating .

Wait wait , it started to sounds like a Game Review now . Kay

Kong kong , great cute fun game , but not so in into that game , because its too simple gameplay . But it is very good for just relaxing a while after work .

So , decided to think of da next game , Maple .
Wow , this sucks >____< , too hardcore leveling , waste 10 hours a day to just up one level from 53 to 54 . Wasted my life for that playing wif Kiasu kids ? No way .

Dota , short time , challaging , great teamwork / gay teamwork gameplay . Its great fun but frustrated if u loosing game match for da whole week .

Conclusion , Dota and Kong kong i play most . If anyone who read my blog , you should try this 2 .

Continue to next post......

A long never update Blog

I had stopped writing my blog for about 6 months . Getting lazy to write , sometimes feel nothing to write about , sometimes feel lazy to write , really not sure of what to write about , Hahaha . but finally get my mood back to write what happen to me about da past six months ago ......

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Boring life ? luxurius life ?

TOday just a casual day ......

Same like everyday , morning go work
Until 12:30 , lunch
8:30pm , back
11:00 finish dinner , at home

Life is just like nothing ~~~
RObotic life .

What if ??

Every morning , having luxury breakfast , no work , watching astro
9am , playing games until 6pm
7:30 , abalon dinner , with crabs and steambot sub dishes .

9:30 at home . With a wonderful gal companion at my side .
Getting free massage .

How nice my whole day will be ? Hahaha

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hate you , mlm

Why am i talking bout mlm ? Haha , actually it stands for multilevel marketing .

HOw am i get to talk bout this topic today ??

Everyone should very familiar with da signpost " no salesman allowed " in front of the office's door or house gate . WHy is it most of people hate sales or either Mlm .

Here's some of my own opinion might give you an idea WHY ?

In common , Sales :
-sell product
- get benefit from product
- you introduce the product to your friend
- you earn the point and earn the credit

Multilevel marketing :
- sell business plan = you paying money to become a member in order join their business plan
- business plan = pay money , ask your friend to pay also in order to join you
- so , everyone paying to the company without getting anything
- wtf ? i cannot continue to say anymore , Is this business PLAN ?

okay , thats it , basically , Lets ignore those 2 first

WHY does people dislike Sales and Mlm ?
THe main reason is because of the agent themselves . Once they target on someone , either a friend or collegue , they like UHU glue stick GUM on you . Whenever you meet them , they keep on persuading you join them as member . The worst is asking you to paid money , if you ignore them , they will call until ur hp blow up . This really make us frustrated about them . ( most of da cases is from Mlm )

Call you in the midnite , triple call when you are working , y!m super BUZZ , come until your house and knock your do......

. >_< mlm ( this is a good sign to show them, a more humour ym version of universal sign )

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Memoirs of Convo

Hi , guys , long time no blog . Just got sth to write about today ...

Today was one of da most important day in my life ...... Graduation day. Just after 4 years of study , i have finaly get to get out from my Money Making U . ( U guys know what i mean ) :p

Everyone should be happy about it . But last night i was felt like dun want to attend it . What should i do there , without parents . Really was feeling like not wanted to attend , but i can understand why my parents cant attend my convo . Just feel like not so big deal bout convos .

WHen they call my name , i just get on stage and meet Siti our Chancellor , she gave me a so called E-scroll ( might be pirated CD's ) to me . That was just bout 5 seconds , then i came down to stage . Wow , thats 4 years's effort . hahahahaha , I was laughing inside my heart . TImes was just so easy to pass by . .....

After that , i was walking around to find friends to take photos since i got nothing to do . There I saw my gang , teh ping , palia han , jun voon , ah wai , siang ,yong pin , ejeanmy, jon , and fellow friends devil Yuki , luffee the carol and few of my other fcm friends who finally let me feel that at least i got something to do on da convo , taking pictures . THough not so leng chai to take pictures today.....haha . But i really feel that you guys was there , dint feel like it was just an empty day .Thanks , guys .

COnvo 06'

ENd of U-life .

Monday, May 08, 2006

My fren's GODLy Karangan~~~

Krack Krock Crarrrk ~~~ a favourite poem of my friend .
I have a friend who always theorying around...........lolz

For Once , he met a gui2 lao3.........he try to theorying with him using his godly "chinese tongue" english

Gui2 Lao3 : May I know the way to KL central ??

KKC : " Krack Krock Crarrrk , erm , Kreuk, from zhe li , this , here , you go there , and then turn this hand , to that corner and go front again , and turn your another hand way , then you can go there alREADY MA~~~

kreukGui2 Lao3 : What what what did you say ?? I beg your pardon ............KKC : " you dunno arr ? Kreuk~~~errr , I tell you again " Listen here ...... ....... ....... Kreack Cruuk .

Gui2 Lao3 : ( whisper ????? ) Nevermind . ( walk away immediately )

and the GODLY Karangan you all can never understand .....

Cikgu said : Eh , ini Karangan SPM kamu semua mesti tulis baik baik . Guna bahasa bunga , Contoh Sajak ............

CCK : okei okei , wo zhi dao......During SPM day ~~~~...

Hari ini , saya pergi berkelah di sana sini . Sini boleh duduk sana tak boleh duduk . Oleh itu , kami pergi dari sini dan pergi ke sana untuk tenogk - menengok itek yg berbulu-bulu . Yang itu itek boleh pom pom , ini tak boleh ,Yeah , malaysia boleh .( 40 patah perkata-kataan yang cantik seperti budi pekerti yang berbunga)

Cikgu : Wha , ini ape ni karangan . Ini bukanlah bahasa bunga.

CCK : Tapi saya ada guna bunga MAAA~~~ Krock , cruuuueeekkk, PUI

Cikgu : -________________-lll ( wtf )

Friday, May 05, 2006

Praying + mouth = Invulnerable ?

Wht is that about ?
Ok , here is a story to tell .

I have a friend named " Thursday with 2 sticks " , but normally we call him Thrusday . For the first time we going to class , i start to know about him and thought that wow , he is definately a good , passion student in the class . ( Does this sounds like brokeback mountain ?? hahaha , no no no ,i'm not brokekack's fans , and pls continue to the next line )
In class , he can answer all the question that the lecturer and students ask about . So , the semester keep on going and i think he is surely can become the TOP student for the sem .

but Here is one strange thing happen ~~!!!
during the mid-sem when we come to the execution part of our project . He never came to the class until the end of the sem and for the FINAL presentation . Then one day i met this guy and i asking him , eh ? Why you dint came for da presentation .

He said a lot of things the lecturers , he said to me . ( mouth ) " I cant came for the presentation , I had more important things for me to do , I gonna save all my friends , so I go to( PRAY ), thats why i 'am always absent for the class and i do not have time to continue with my project "

So , i think this guy should have already failed i guess , but in the end , this GUY did not fail( invulnerable ) and got the same marks as me ( as a student who always go to class and submit the work ) .
This is totally speechless~~~

--________________--iii can this happen ??

SO , next time if whoever read my blog , and having difficulties , dun worry , as my " Sticky " friend said , Praying + mouth = Invulnerable .

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A SUPER Black SPOT in Seri Kembangan

Are you guys ready to heard about this SUPER black spot in Seri Kembangan ??? lolz

YOU MUST PAY FOR WHAT I Decide for you ~~~!!!!!

It happen at Sunday morning about 2am , i was feeling hungry while doing some PALIA assignment , so , i suggested my housemate , Ishioni asahan O tabemasu , lets Go Yum Cha ....... ( meaning lets have some supper )

My housemate , Ah wai , was telling me that there is a good Indian Hawker stall which cooks Indo Mee Goreng delicious . When we arrived there , we find a fine seat and waiting for order . The so-called " Order-Man " came to us and ask us very kindly ,

" U mau makan ape ? , Kita sini ape pun ade "
" Saya mau Indo Mee , besar "
" Eh , U mau tambah ayam kah ? telur kah ? " ( this PALIA hawker punya waiter start to introduce us chicken and egg )
" Kita mau satu telur saja , dan milo ice " ( me and my housemate ah wai said )
" Okay " ( this guy keep on twisting his head left to right to indicate no though his mouth speaks differently )
I had noticed almost 90% of "them" also behaving like this

20 minutes later ~~~~~
WALAU eh , the food still not yet ready , i hungry until canot take it anymore

WHen i call the waiter again , Oh Yeah , the food is ready

Eh ? this is strange ,
WHy is there 2 telur right on my Indo Mee , same to ah wai , i ask him and said WHY ???

He said " Eh , BOSS , tak ape , tak ape , you makan , is okay "

2nd time "WALAU Eh~~~~" wut tak ape woh , this PALIA guy sendiri make decision cook me one more egg then he said BOSS , tak ape >______<

Whats on earth happening ??? I'm guest , I canot order my own things , he decide for me .
At first , i thought it was a mistake and the hawker might kira differently .

When we finish eaten and want to pay , you know how much ??

Indo Mee = RM3 , Telur x 2 = RM2 , Milo ice = RM1.5
TOtal = RM6.50

Wah , Tai Lou arrr , this is really Zhar Dou -___- . Even i eat at Cyberia's Mamak ( popular black spot in cyberjaya ) also not that geng .


Hi , this is my first time for BLOGggggg . My name is Yaw Yee , you guys can also call me YY , yuna or shinobi . ( these last are nick name , though is quite lame , but i dun mind )